Getting Your House Ready for Inspection

Elite Inspection understands that having your home inspected can be a nerve racking, but necessary, part of selling your home.  Below is a list of items that you as the homeowner, can do to help the inspector do an efficient job and to help insure a smooth and timely closing.

  1. Confirm that all utilities are on (Gas, Water, Electricity)
  2. Make sure there is easy access to all electrical panels.
  3. Provide clear access to all attic areas.
  4. Unlock the crawl space access door.
  5. Replace all light bulbs that are not working.
  6. Light or ignite all pilot flames such as Water Heaters, Gas logs, Furnaces.
  7. Unlock all outside gates.
  8. Provide keys to all doors.
  9. Trim trees and vegetation away from areas in contact with the house.
  10. Remove or secure all domestic animals in a safe place that will not interfere with the inspector.
  11. Replace dirty return air filters.
  12. Have your HVAC system serviced if it has not been serviced within the past year and provide documentation.
  13. Open foundation vents, except in extreme cold weather.
  14. If you have a septic tank, have it pumped and inspected by a qualified septic tank professional if it hasn't been within the past five years.  Provide documentation.
  15. Clean gutters if necessary.
  16. Replace any missing outlet or switch covers.
  17. Inspect your home for any obvious defects and repair.
  18. If safely possible, inspect the roof for any damaged shingles and torn boots around the plumbing vent pipes and repair.
  19. If safely possible, inspect the crawl space for any plumbing leaks and moisture problems.
  20. Straighten up your home and put away all toys or other items to provide safe access to every room.
  21. It is best to not have many people present during the time of the inspection.
  22. Do not interfere with, distract, or follow the inspector around your home.
  23. Remove all food and other objects from the oven and microwave.
  24. Be prepared for the potential buyer to come by during the inspection.